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The Value of Youth Sports

By Penobscot Ice Arena, 07/26/17, 1:45PM EDT


The Value of Youth and School Sports

Youth and school sports are not just a game to play! As a parent you need to look at the “Return of Investment” for our children. With the increasing costs of all youth and school sports, it is getting harder to find the balance in our budgets both personal and municipal. Costs are also determined by the type of sport youth are involved in. As we all know, costs have increased across the board in all aspects of our lives not just in sports.

Why should my child participate in sports? Student athletes are twice as likely to go on to college and more likely to be employed in higher paying jobs, plus are more likely to earn more than those that did not play sports. 

Student Athletes have a considerably higher level of self-respect, self-confidence and much better leadership skills as well. These benefits last a lifetime. Females reap the highest rewards, statistics show that 67% of females that once participated in sports now occupy high-level executive positions. 76% of both males and females say by playing sports it taught them to adopt behaviors, techniques and the discipline and sociability aspects needed to succeed in the corporate world.

We all have to work to attempt to keep the youth and school sports programs in check and under control;which is becoming a very hard task. The provenpositive benefit results of keeping our youth in sports cannot be denied and we all need to take a close look at it. Here at PIA and with Brewer Youth Hockey we are constantly looking for ways to help keep kids in sports by having the following in place: Scholarship programs, reduced cost rental/loaner gear programs, limited free gear programs, fundraising activities and grouped ice sessions. The rink is constantly looking for ways to cut utility bills and maximize our utility use by: New more efficient ice chiller plant, heat pumps, on demand water heaters, water conditioning additives to ice makes, *All power is off when not in use policy for all employees.