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Annual Meeting

Brewer Youth Hockey will be holding our Annual Meeting Monday April 23rd fron 6:30pm to 8pm at Machias Savings Bank in Brewer. All members are welcome to attend. During the meeting we will be voting in new officers. 


Brewer Youth Hockey has a board opening for the Fundraising Director. Please email nominations to 


FUNDRAISING DIRECTOR: (2-year term) This office will be elected in years that end in even numbers for a 2-year term. The duties of the Fundraising Director shall include, but not be limited to, the following:


Preparing and/or approving the General Fundraising in addition to Team and Individual Fundraising for each year


Chairperson of the “Fundraising Committee”


Soliciting Corporate Sponsors, Team Sponsors, and General Sponsors


And other such duties as may be specifically assigned by the BYHA BOD

Brewer Youth Hockey 2016-2017

Thank You Mr. Allen L'Italien and the Lafayette Cancer Center (EMMC)!

Thanks to a gracious donation by Mr. L'Italien of the Lafayette Cancer Center, all our Brewer Youth Hockey teams have fully stocked first aid kits.

Thank You!

Thank you to Allen L'Italien of the Lafayette Cancer Center (EMMC) for the donation of first aid kits to all of our Brewer Youth Hockey teams.

    Nomination form

    Nominate a player for Dunkin Donuts Player of the Month. All nominations submitted after the 20th of each month will count for the following month. Nominations may be submitted by any coach, parent, or player.

    Equipment Donations

    Do you have hockey equipment laying around that is too small or not being used anymore? Brewer Youth Hockey is always willing to take donations of equipment. Your used equipment may help another child get into the sport! Need more encouragement? We are also a 401C3, which will give you a tax credit!

    If you would like to donate, please contact George Bishop at

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